Saint Beatriz de Silva recieving the foundation of the Coneptionist Sisters of the Immaculate Conception from Queen Isabella the Catholic 1484.

Chrstopher Columbos recieving the support from Queen Isbella the Catholic for his voyage to discover and evangelize the new world 1492.

Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe, Patroness of the Americas 1531.

The flag of the Royal Spanish Empire at the height of its presense in the Americas 1542.

Nuestra Senora del Buen Suceso y Ven. Marian de Jesus Torres....Apparition at the Conceptionist Monastery in Quito........prophesies for our times 1610

Royal Coat of Arms of Spain 1700


The influence of the great Spanish Empire on the Americas has been subject to much criticism in the last 50 years. But those Traditional minded Catholics know of the true importance in the conversion of the millions of souls in the Americas. As Our Lady guided Her church through the conquest She has left her impressions which still exist today. From the Spanish Missions of California to the tip of Tierra Fuego in Chile, Excelsior Tour facilitates this wonderful environment of Catholic Culture.

Under the influence of Queen Isabella of Spain, it all began with the granting of a new Order of Nuns by Pope Innocent the VIII….the order of the Immaculate Conception founded by St. Beatriz de Silva in 1489. This Pious Nun from the Spanish Nobility established an order dedicated to honoring the Immaculate Conception under a Cistercian Rule. Although St. Beatriz only lived until 1492…he influence with Queen Isabella would play a large part in this Royal Order Evangelizing the new world. Her Nuns would go on to found the Real Monasterio de La Limpia Concepcion in Quito in 1575. This cross Atlantic journey was accompanied by Marana de Jesus Torres the niece of St. Beatriz at the young age of 15. This future mystic Nun would later receive the apparitions of Our Lady of Good Success in Quito during the early 17 th Century. The Conceptionists Nuns throughout the original years of the Conquest would play a major role in establishing the faith in the Americas. Including the bi location of the Conceptionist Nun Mother Mary of Agreda who without leaving her Convent in Spain instructed the native population in what is now Texas and New Mexico. As true history shows us….it was Queen Isabella that started the Evangelization of the Americas and it was Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico as well as the subsequent work of religious orders like the Conceptionist of Immaculada that performed arguably the greatest conversion in the history of the world.

Most modern historians use the term COLONY for the Spain dominion over this vast territory. But until the revolutions of the mid 19th Century, both the Royal Court, Creoles, and indigenous considered the Americas part of Spain…not a colony. The mission of Queen Isabella LA CATOLICA was to first and foremost convert souls to the Faith…..from every soul regardless of race or ethnicity in the world. The Creoles remained consciously aware of their need for the Mother country’s guidance both spiritually and organizationally. Moreover, the indigenous of the Americas knew that the Conquistadores with the Missionaries not only brought the new God to replace their decadent paganism but they also replaced their pagan Monarch with a new one to rule much as they themselves had been ruled for centuries……by a Monarchy. The conversions of so many indigenous by so few people is truly a miracle compared only to the conversion of Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire.

Thus, Excelsior Tour focuses on this CONVERSION and all of the results which Our Lady is the main facilitator. One can only travel to Latin America today and still witness the deep devotion to Our Lady. We understand that the journey of every Catholic is the search for TRUTH. It is our aspiration in every Pilgrimage we operate to focus on that search of Gods truth.